05 June 2011

Great Weekend!

I'm having a great weekend, my cousin got married yesterday, and the wedding was a blast! It was great to see my family, and it relieved a lot of the stress from the last week. Hey Josh, if you see this, congrats, I hope Lisa treats you well! I'm excited for my trip to Chicago! And to those who asked for stories from work, I'm sorry, but it's against my firm's policy to share information, as most of the information is very personal. It's similar to a doctor's oath of privacy, and as busy and stressful as my job can be, I'd prefer to keep it. :)


  1. Good ol' London. I want to go! Stuck here in Florida, I'm melting on the sidewalk.

  2. Haha, I'm sorry, but that sucks! It's been nice here lately, though it's raining right now. But I think I'd prefer that to the heat you must have in Florida any day!

  3. Glad to here you're having a good weekend, have fun in Chicago!